Libraries and cultural organisations have a rich amount of digitised historical handwritten material. A vast majority of this material has not yet been transcribed. The task of making these historical collections available for public access is challenging, especially in performing a simple text search across the collection.

Machine learning based methods for handwritten text recognition are gaining importance these days, which require huge amount of pre- transcribed texts for training the system. However, a vast amount of documents are not yet transcribed.

Therefore, this paper presents a training- free word spotting algorithm that can be used as a search tool, where case studies on Alvin (Swedish repository) and Clavius on the Web are presented.

The image shows how a user has searched for the word ‘Berlin’ in the diary of the famous Swedish author Karin Boye. The found words are marked with a blue bounding box.


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    A. Hast, P. Cullhed, E. Vats, M. Abrate.
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